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Established in 2010, the WSC is a full-service DV center led by a small group of feminist activists and community leaders dedicated to the mission of combating domestic abuse through the protection, rehabilitation, and empowerment of survivors and changing the legal, educational, and social conditions that contribute to a culture of silence surrounding DV.
We uphold a zero tolerance policy for violence against women and seek to create an environment where women and girls are protected, defended, and nurtured.

Our program was initiated by the Tufenkian Foundation in partnership with USAID and the Armenian International Women’s Association (AIWA). When the center was first launched, our mission was smaller in scale, focusing entirely on assisting survivors of domestic abuse through counseling, education, and other forms of support. Soon thereafter, experts from the United States were invited to train the staff, helping us build considerable capacity and follow a methodology grounded in international best practices. By 2012 we opened our first shelter with the objective of creating a safe environment for women and children. In 2016 we also opened the transitional shelter.