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The law is on your side if the instances of abuse are registered by police or hospital. This way you can get protection much faster.
If the Police comes to your house or where the abuse is taking place he must stay at the scene as long as you are in physical danger. OR police can take you to a safe place or hospital for immediate medical treatment.
You can call hot line 099-88-78-08 for arranging for your safety.
If you decide to go to shelter or to another location and you wish to retrieve your and your children clothes, documents and other belongings, you can request for the police to accompany you and in his presence you can retrieve your possessions –except for furniture.


WARNING: The police coming to the scene of the abuse will offer a warning to the abuser if the police hears about abuse for the first time. If the abuse is repeated you have to inform the police to obtain a Restrictive Order.

RESTRICTIVE ORDER: If the police is aware of the abuse or you have proof (like medical treatments of injuries, or witnesses), or the abuse continued after the Warning (and you reported this to the police) ,then the police will issue a Restrictive Order. This order is valid for 20 days. During this time the abuser is removed from the house by the police (even if the house is his property) and he is not allowed to approach you, your children or contact you via phone or SMS. During this time if you still feel in danger then you, the police or the Crisis Center lawyer can apply for a Protective Order.

PROTECTIVE ORDER: This order is issued by the court and can be requested by victim, police, or lawyer from a Crisis center like Women’s Support Center . Usually you can ask for this order while you have the Restrictive Order or if the police registered serious violation or abuse.
During Divorce proceedings or during a criminal trial the situation can become extremely dangerous and it is advised to obtain a Protective Order. This order can last for 12 months. In this order you can add besides your name the names of your children and relatives where the abuser might go and threaten or use violence.
Under this order the abuser is not allowed to approach you and your children at home, school, place of work, store, at your parents house, etc. Nor is he allowed to enter in contact with you or the persons who are listed in the order.
It is your responsibility to inform the police of any violation - even an SMS. Based on the type of violation the abuser can receive a fine and even jail time.

RECONCILIATION: NO ONE has the right to pressure you or convince you to reconcile with the abuser or return to your home. Your safety is of utmost importance for the law.